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When You Absolutely Have To Hit Your Target


There are times when you simply do not have the resource bandwidth to deliver on your deadlines.

Or, you are looking at a major business opportunity which you are unable to take up because you don’t have the in house expertise for it.

How do you handle such situations?

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Leverage the power of a distributed, global workforce to get things done.

But then, managing a workforce spread out all over the globe comes with its own challenges:

  • How do you collaborate across so many time zones?

  • How do you manage these resources and keep them on track?

  • How do you develop the Key Performance Indicators to measure their performance?

  • How do you know if they are actually adding value to your business and driving growth?


With DGF you get,

  • A surge workforce to make sure that your deliverables definitely happen.

  • A global, distributed workforce with the expertise that you need to take up the opportunities that come your way.

  • The needle keeps moving on your project 24 hours a day.

  • Experts specific to your needs. Zoho experts, Salesforce gurus, Mulesoft developers, C#, Java, Javascript programmers, Mobile or Web Integration experts. We can deliver them all.

 We get you the people. We put together the team. We manage their productivity.

You get the results.

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